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10 Surprising Secrets Your Tongue Can Reveal About Your Health

If we look carefully, tongue can say a lot about our overall health of the whole organism. Actually the knowledge of human tongue originates from China. Chinese medicine for thousands of years study the important information that gives us the tongue. The Chinese researchers say that you can make a conclusion about tongue health through 3 key factors: texture, color and shape.Kết quả hình ảnh cho 10 Surprising Secrets Your Tongue Can Reveal About Your HealthTexture of human tongue represents the functions of the digestive system. If the digestive system is healthy and work properly in processing the food it should have thin white coating on the surface.Onthe other hand, if the coat is thick, it indicates imbalance that have influence at the physiology of the body. There is possibility of illness or injury. Also, thick white coat is sign of an infection or inappropriate perform of any part of the system.

Yellow coat indicatesincreased body temperature or fever, that more precisely is a sign of bacterial infection or inflammation.

Peeled tongue presumably means that your body is completely exhausted and with no energy. Also indicates allergy and autoimmune diseases.

Pale tongue initiate problems with digestive organs, fatigue and feeling cold. Dry tongue initiates anemia that may cause problems with memory loss, insomnia, cracked lips and so on. Bright red tongue indicates infection.

If you have inflammation, only the tip of tongue is red, and the redness is transferred through the whole tongue. If only the sides of the tongue are red – you should stop consume fatty foods, spices, alcohol.

Purple tongue appears if there is lack of B2 Vitamin and if woman have tough menstrual cycle.

Black tongue appears rarely and shows illness. Also often is a birth defect and is permanent.

Blue tongue points out that there is lack of oxygen or cyanosis. It appears if there is heart failure or disruption of the blood.

Yellow tongue color is extremely rare and indicates jaundice.Kết quả hình ảnh cho Yellow tongue color is extremely rare and indicates jaundice.Advice: You should maintain hygiene of your tongue, and the best time for that is after you wake up, in the morning, on empty stomach. This should be your routine just like washing the teeth.

It is very simple -just scrape the entire surface of the tongue

Source: healthynaturalcures