A lady should always sit with her legs crossed. Your hair must be soft, your smile bright, your nails delicately painted. You must be beautiful, but never wear too much makeup because boys don’t like that. You must be natural, but you are, of course, expected to look glamorous too. You must put effort into your appearance, but also look like it came to your effortlessly. Don’t play sports, no point, that’s for guys. Don’t bother with technology, that’s for men too. Did you dream of being an engineer? That’s a male profession. If you want to work out stick to yoga and dancing and leave other stuff to men.

Boxing, a traditionally male sport, is something women don’t let themselves consider when picking their workouts. This is a real shame, because it comes with so many great benefits that would help any woman reach her fitness goals. If you’re interested in what boxing has to offer, then read on to find out about how this sport is becoming more popular and what are some of its benefits.

It makes you strong and agile

Ever since Hillary Swank’s Million Dollar Baby came out, women all over America have started getting more interested in boxing. America has a long, glorious tradition of boxing with Mohammed Ali and Joe Louis being some of the most famous boxers of all time. This sport has always been the perfect show of strength, but it requires a lot more grace than people give it credit. Just to practice this sport, you need to learn how to be quick, so you’ll gain incredible reflexes as well as amazing upper body and core strength. New York boxing clubs are full of women who take boxing to a whole new level by combining the natural feminine agility with skill and hard work.

It aids weight lossHình ảnh có liên quan

It’s not just America that holds boxing in high regard. Ever since Sydney’s Lucas Browne made history last year by becoming Australia’s first heavyweight boxing champion, interest has been on the rise. Women are starting to figure out just how effective this workout can be when it comes to weight loss because it burns about 500-600 calories per hour. If you want to slim down, take note from the clever Aussie ladies who take mobile boxing classes in Adelaide, where they hire a trainer to come to their home and help them exercise. You can save yourself some time and have a very intense, sweaty workout that simply melts all excess fat. Boxing is truly one of the most fun, effective ways to lose weight, so definitely consider trying it if weight loss has been an issue for you.

It’s empowering

One of the biggest concerns women have when it comes to boxing is that they’ll bulk up and look ugly. But here’s a question for you – does Adriana Lima look ugly? Do Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid? These ladies are famous for their love of boxing workouts, so unless you consider these supermodels to be ungainly, you have nothing to worry about. Besides, muscles are sexy, especially on a woman. The thing about female empowerment is that it doesn’t mean you need to be like a man, or give up feeling feminine. There is nothing that is preventing you from being both strong and beautiful. Give up the notion that you need to look or act a certain way to be considered a proper woman. Just do whatever the hell you want to do instead. Be a tough warrior who happens to love pink dresses and makeup. Who can stop you?

It’s great for stress reliefKết quả hình ảnh cho 5 Reasons Women Should Take Up Boxing

There is really no better way to let go of stress than boxing. From soothing rituals such as wrapping your hands before each training, to the actual punching, it’s an amazing way to help you let go of worries and find your focus. Boxing requires discipline and dedication, so whenever you feel like you’re about to snap, this can be your escape. It will let you take all your aggression out and help keep you calm.

It teaches you self-defense

We often spend at least a small part of our lives afraid of dark streets and men with bad intentions. But instead of relying on some guy for protection, we can take matters into our own hands and learn how to fight. Boxing can teach you not just how to throw a proper punch, but how to avoid a fight before it happens. It’s not about violence, it’s about discipline and knowing how to keep yourself safe, it’s about making your body quick enough to defend yourself should you need it.

Boxing is a wonderful sport and it can bring you so many good things that there’s really no reason to hesitate if you ever wanted to try it. From keeping you strong and trim, to helping you learn how to be confident, give this tough workout a try and you’re bound to be satisfied with the results.

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