Weight loss is very personal which means that it’s different for everyone. When you exercise, you could burn more or fewer calories than a person whose body, workout routine, and effort is different than yours. There are multiple factors that contribute to weight loss when you exercise.

Why Calorie-Burning Is Unique To Each PersonKết quả hình ảnh cho Why Calorie-Burning Is Unique To Each Person

Physiological Factors

Body weight and height The more you weigh, the more calories you will burn. As you lose weight, the amount of calories you burn will also decrease. Height also influences weight loss as the taller you are the easier it is to burn calories.

Muscle content When your muscles are bigger, you can exercise more intensely and put more energy into your routine, which burns more calories. (5)

Age Aging causes muscle degeneration, which shrinks your muscles. That’s why regular physical activity is important as you age. (5)

Gender Men typically have larger muscles and more body weight. The combination of these factors burns more calories. For example, a 130lb woman will burn 85 calories during a 20-minute brisk walk, but a 200lb man will burn 132 calories for the same exercise. (3)

Personal Factors

Fitness level Your fitness level can help you burn calories in different ways. If you are untrained or haven’t trained in a while, you will have to try harder, which burns calories. If you are trained, it means that you can push yourself to exercise more intensely and burn more calories.Kết quả hình ảnh cho Fitness level

Experience with particular workout When you use a particular routine regularly, your body gets used to it. If you do a variety of exercises and workout routines you put more effort and burn more calories. (4)

Effort Your personal effort is a major factor in weight loss. If you slack, you burn fewer calories. The more effort you put into your routine, the more calories you burn.

Workout Factors

Workout length & intensity  Longer and more intense workouts burn more calories than shorter and more relaxed ones. Adding more resistance will burn more calories, so if you’re exercising with weights, the more weights you lift, the more calories you’ll burn.

Workout Type The type of workout also matters. High-intensity interval training, cardio, weight lifting, and circuit training burn more calories than other types of training. For example, a 45-year-old woman who weighs 150lb will burn about 84 calories by doing Pilates for 20 minutes and 192 calories during a 20-minute circuit training routine. (3)

1000 Calorie Workout

This workout routine consists of 6 parts. You don’t need to complete the entire workout at once or even in the same day. Exercise as much as you are able to and work your way up to the end of the routine. In this workout you will start with cardio for a quick warm up, then move on to a two-part high-intensity interval training, and continue to ab, oblique, and lower back exercises. You will finish the workout with strength exercises for the whole body and cool down with stretching exercises. Depending on your age, sex, and body type, you’ll have burned about 1,000 calories once you’re done!

Cardio – 30 seconds each

Side Step Pulls

High Knee Pulls

Crossover Toe Touch

Toe Touch Swing

Other Side



Alternating Lunges

Boxer Shuffle

Butt Kickers

Switchfoot Jumps

Jumping JacksKết quả hình ảnh cho Jumping Jacks

High-intensity interval training routine part 1 – 20 seconds each exercise, twice each group of exercises

1 3 Squat Jack Jumps | 2 Plank Jack Knee (1 plank jack 1 knee, alt)

1 3,2,1 Jumping Lunge | 2 Burpees

1 Sumo/Ski Jump Squats | 2 Toe Touch Getups

1 Side Squat Pops | 2 Surfer Burpee

Water Break

High-intensity interval training routine part 2 – 20 seconds each exercise, twice each group of exercises

1 High Knee Drops | 2 Tricep Dip Kicks

1 Jump Squat + Front Kicks | 2 Stutter Jacks

1 Superhero Push Ups | 2 Star Jumps

1 Up & Out Jacks | 2 Pop Squats

Abs, obliques, and lower back workout – 50 seconds each

Single Jackknife Crunch


Bicycle Crunches

Heel Taps

Russian TwistKết quả hình ảnh cho Russian Twist

Back Bow Pulls

Plank Steps

Toe Touch Pulses

Side Hip Raises

Other Side

Total body strength workout (weight lifting) – 10 repetitions for each exercise, twice each group of exercises

Squat + Overhead Press

Pullover Bridge Kicks

Deadlift FlyHình ảnh có liên quan

Chest Press Leg Drops

Lunge + Curl

Ski Squat Row + Triceps

Calf Raise + Ventral Raises

Side Lunge + Lateral Raises

Cool down and stretchKết quả hình ảnh cho Cool down and stretch

Free-form stretches

Move your arms and legs slowly to get your heart rate down and move on to stretching exercises. You can watch the video for the full routine and for more instructions on how to do a hard or easy version of these exercises.

Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program. This general information is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional. Consult with your healthcare professional to design an appropriate exercise prescription. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider.

Source: theheartysoul