Women are not the only ones who enjoy getting a compliment every once in a while. Giving a man a compliment is a good way to make him feel worthy and satisfied with himself and his relationship. Let’s take a look at 9 sentences you can tell a man that will make him crazy for you.

1. I’m proud of you.

Telling a man that you are proud of him is a sure way to win his heart. If you show him a man your appreciation for what he does, then it will usually be reciprocated. Men crave the gratification of knowing that they are fulfilling their roles in our lives. Therefore, by telling him you’re proud of what he’s done, he will be satisfied and his worry can be put to ease.

2. I want you now!

As stereotypical as it may be, every man wants to know that they are good in bed. By letting it be known that you want him, you are verifying this for them and giving them the slight ego boost they might need in order to open up a bit more.

3. I am so happy because of you.

For many men, their goal in a relationship is making their significant other happy. So if he is doing this, then let him know! By telling him that what he is doing is making you happy, he will want to do even more of it and make you even happier. It is a win-win situation, as he is justified in his actions and you are getting spoiled!

4. You look great (handsome, hot, wonderful, etc.)!

Just like women, men want to be complimented on their looks. Believe it or not, men can be self-conscious as well, and by letting them know that you think they look good, you are boosting their confidence and making them feel better about themselves.

5. I trust you.

By having confidence in your partner, they will have more confidence in the relationship. After all, the best relationships are built on trust. So whether it be trusting him with something small like where you are going to eat, or something big, like choosing your next romantic getaway, let him know that you trust his judgement and support him.

6. I respect you.

This is a short, yet powerful sentence. By letting your man know that you see him as an equal and that you do not take him for granted, he will reciprocate the action and respect you as well. This makes it much easier to have a loving relationship.

7. I feel safe with you.

Men need to feel masculine and strong. By telling him that he makes you feel safe, you are justifying these feelings for him and boosting his confidence.

8. You’re so manly.

Again, men love to feel manly. It is part of their make-up. Letting him know that he is succeeding at what he is meant to do will make it easy for him to fall in love with you.

9. What would I do without you?

Yes, this cliche has been used. However, if you truly don’t know what you’d do without him, tell him. It makes a person feel good to know they are needed, and men are no exception. He will feel closer to you in many ways.

While you shouldn’t tell a man these things if you don’t mean them, saying them is a great way to become closer to your partner and make him fall head over heels for you.