A hug can speak volumes. It can be as intimate as a shared kiss, or as innocent as a handshake. What does the way you hug your partner say about your relationship? Let’s take a look at nine different types of hugs and what they mean.

The Bear Hug

We probably all know what a bear hug is. When you are totally encumbered by your partner, as if they are saying “I’ll never let go”. If you and your partner embrace like this often, it could signify a serious relationship. One that is filled with intense emotion and deep feelings.

On the other hand, if this hug comes up regularly in your relationship, you may want to talk to your partner because it could signify their fear of losing you.

The Polite Hug

When you hug an acquaintance, you usually leave some space between you. Especially in the lower part of your bodies. However, when this hug occurs in a relationship, it could be a sign of uncomfort. Perhaps they are upset about something that they have not talked to you about. Or it could possibly be a sign that your partner is unhappy and does not want to be close to you.

The Wrapped-Around Legs Hug

When you or your partner jump up and wrap your legs around one another, this is symbolic of intense passion, whether it be physical, emotional, or both. It is possible that it signifies a healthy sex life.

The One-Way Hug

If one partner goes in for a hug and the other doesn’t reciprocate, it could be the presence of a one-sided relationship. Perhaps one partner is totally into the relationship, but the other is not so gung-ho.

The Intimate Hug

Maintaining eye contact while hugging can signify an intense and beautiful connection. There is a lot of intimacy in the relationship. It is  a sign that a physical connection is not the only one present.

The Sideways Hug

Also known as the “buddy hug”, this could be a sign that your relationship is not necessarily a romantic one. While there is a great sense of trust present, and more than likely a wonderful friendship, your relationship might be lacking that romantic spark.

The Back Hug

If you or your partner comes up from behind and hugs the other, this shows a great deal of protection and trust. The partner with their back turned trusts the other partner, and the partner doing the hugging “has their partner’s back”.

The Pampered Hug

This hug with kisses on forehead or cheeks signifies a very deep care between two people. It is often given by people when they care deeply for someone.

The Pervert Hug

As the name states, this hug can involve any type of perverted action and shows a deep sexual desire between two people. Perhaps you grab your partner’s ass in public. You probably have some wild nights together.

What does your hugging style say about your relationship?