Probably every second person on the planet has to deal with extra kilos problems, particularly in the belly area, and usually is the result of the fast living routine in the modern day world, where you don’t exercise enough with the poor diet…

Diet and workout are the absolute solutions, but no one can blame you because of the fact that you want results to come earlier with a small effort.

We will give you the totally natural and healthy drink that can reduce the abdomen fat in just 7 days. It contains ingredients that are not so hard to find in each store.

The wonderful ingredient, in this recipe, actually, the banana.

Banana is great for human health. It can aid in detoxify and strengthen abdomen if used with flax seed.



1 banana
1 orange
Half cup of low fat yogurt
One tbsp of coconut oil
Two tbsp of whey powder
Two tbsp of flaxseed
Pinch of ginger


Blend all ingredients and mix them well.  And then, enjoy the delicious smoothie.