Do you slouch a lot? Does your work include sitting on a chair, over your desk, staring at the computer all day? Has this left you with a slight hunch on your back and rounded shoulders, with a neck that is constantly bending forwards? Has your body started resembling a question mark? In case the answers to any or all of these questions are in a yes, then it is a wakeup call for you. The alarming thing is there is a whole generation of people being stricken by the same postural problems and no one is taking things in their hand.

How do you start hunching?

The degree of hunch on your back and the rounding shoulders are directly proportionate to the time you spent, sitting on your office chair looking at the screen or papers in front of you. Due to the constant slouching, the muscles in your chest start to tighten up, which in turn start pulling on your spine towards the front and also starts making the shoulders, appear round and move inwards. The worst effect is found to be on the muscles of your upper back, which constantly weaken and finally stopping aiding your posture any further.

The effects of this constant position that you force your body in, throughout the day, includes-

  • Pain in the neck,
  • Pain in the upper and lower back,
  • Headaches,
  • A prominent hunch back , and also
  • Pain in shoulders, arms and legs.

With so many ill effects to endure, it becomes imperative on your part to finally take that step and work towards fixing your posture.

How to fix your posture?

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Fix Your Posture

The only and the best way to fix your posture are by investing time and efforts in posture fixing exercises. While there are many exercises that might assist you with your goal, the most effective ones suggested by fitness experts and professionals are as follows-

  • Compress your chest with a massage ball-

Deep tissue massaging on and around you chest muscles is a great way to strengthen the weakening and tightening muscles. The best tool to do this is a tennis ball. Take a tennis ball and hold it between your chest and both your palms and circulate it on around your chest. This helps in restoring the flexibility of the muscles in your chest.

  • Chest stretching-

Stretching again, is one of the most effective ways to deal with a messed up posture. Put your right hand on the corner/edge of a wall and turn left. Now bend forwards and let your chest and shoulder muscles on the right of your body stretch and flex. Let your body feel the stretching and the pressure for a couple of minutes before changing sides.

  • Y Extensions-

Another great way to stretch your shoulder and chest muscles to the optimum level is by practicing the Y Extensions. Lie down on the floor, chest down and keeping the rest of your body on the floor, push the chest and shoulder upwards, extending your arms outwards and in a Y. This helps to not only strengthen the muscles but also make them flexible and lose the round shape.

Other great exercise options that you can opt for to fix your posture are Close Grip Row and Upper Back Foam Rolling. Both these exercises work on your shoulders, chest and back muscles, correcting your posture effectively.

Source: Curiousmindmagazine