Morena, a famous blogger, published a post where she revealed to her readers a few secrets about why it can be so difficult to find your mate.

Bright Side publishes this text with pleasure and with the author’s permission and hopes that there will be more happy couples in this vast world.

Having heard the word “wife,” most of my bachelor friends imagine a tall brunette with big breasts, wearing red lace panties, and definitely 7 years younger. That’s whom they would imagine marrying. Until then? Sorry, ladies.

They have only a short-term experience of enjoyable affairs, and they don’t want to know anything about that stage of the relationship when there are no more red lace panties.

Allow me to tell you in detail what kind of woman you’d better marry so that it’s not excruciatingly painful afterward.

The first misconception concerns beautiful, bright, eye-catching women: so-called queens. This misconception is particularly related to those individuals who lack the experience of having sex with one person for years and think the excitement from red lace panties can last forever. It’s a thing of athletes, fitness trainers, and so on.

Right now I’m going to tell you, perhaps, the most terrible thing. A person gets used to any appearance in 5-7 years. Most likely, after all this time you won’t care how your partner looks. She can turn into a big orange ball, get covered with hair, get tattoos all over her body, or a tongue piercing. She can be fat or skinny or even pose for Playboy. She may be the most beautiful woman on earth… But if you’re polygamous by nature, you’ll still have an irresistible desire to cheat on her.

This is why I think that the desire to marry a “queen“ or a young woman is at the level of a teenage boy who has never had a relationship. If you decided to marry the most beautiful woman at all costs, you’d better not get married at all. Nothing good will come of it.

”And whom should we marry so that it works out?” you might ask.

To those with whom you will be able to hold on to the three main pillars of marriage: sexual, money, and domestic compatibility.

About sexual compatibility

What is sexual compatibility?

I want to emphasize: it’s not only similar physiology. It’s quite obvious a family cannot be totally happy when one partner wants intimacy 3 times a day and the other twice a month. Sexual compatibility also means that both partners have roughly similar views on what’s permitted and what’s forbidden in sex. A sex-bomb or a nymphomaniac shouldn’t live with a flop in bed. Your ideas about taboos should coincide with her notions of prohibitions. A family should have regular sex, and it should be a pleasure for both. That’s the secret.

About money compatibility

Spenders shouldn’t live with money-grubbers, just as nymphomaniacs shouldn’t live with flops. In fact, it’s even more important. Spouses should have similar views on how they spend and how they save money.

Two money-grubbers, for example, will make a happy couple. He bought her tulips at a discount? She’s delighted! They found a pair of sneakers on sale? How lovely! Even two spenders can be happy together. She threw half of her wages on a manicure? Ha, it’s not big money. But opposites will live in constant conflict.

I want to add that in addition to common views on how to spend money, the couple should treat the process of making it similarly. If a woman has been dreaming all her life of being a housewife, she’ll only be happy with a tough hardworking macho. But if she wants to reach the tops, she’d better look for a reliable smooth guy without much ambition.

About domestic compatibilityI guess this is the most important point. I would bet 100 bucks on the fact that among three pairs — sexually, materially, and domestically incompatible — the latter are the first to divorce.

If you’re a pig in everyday life, then marry only other pigs. If you’re a crazy cleaner, then look for a partner like you. Two pigs will happily throw socks everywhere, eat in bed, leave dirty dishes in the living room, and wet footprints in the hall. Grunting with delight, they won’t wash the floors for a month, and they will live with dirty dishes in the sink for a week. And it’ll be fine for them!

But if there’s a crazy cleaner next to the pig, all is lost. They’ll nag at the poor piggy, rub their nose in the mess, and make them miserable in every possible way. You made a mess! You left your footprints everywhere! Why are the dirty dishes still in the sink? Why are the shelves still dusty?

Pigs, if you realize you’re pigs, then your primary goal should be to find not a beautiful or a sexy partner, but a pig like you.

You may say, “Do you really think that a husband and wife are united only by the fact that they make a mess, have sex, and spend money together?“

”Oh, no,” I’ll tell you. “Of course not. In addition to making a mess, eating chips in bed, making love, and spending money on trifles, the spouses also sleep together. So here’s the last and the most important piece of advice: It’s better if your wife doesn’t snore in addition to the points above. Then you’ll be happy even after the period of red lace panties.”