If you have ever been in love, whether you have just begun to connect to someone, or you are continuously heartbroken, or you are settled for life, or in any the stages in between, then you could be familiar with some or all three types of love. Which love are you in?

The 3 Types of Romantic Love

The First Love

This love usually comes early in life. This is the love you have read about in fiction. To you, it’s passionate and infinite. You’d give up your life to save this person. It is your everything, no matter what anyone says or does. In this mindset, you tend to dismiss your own beliefs and principles for the sake of the relationship. As it continuous and eventually ends, you mature and develop your own identity.

The Second Love

This time you fall in love, you become more aware of your needs and strengths. Throughout this romance, you may end up learning more about yourself than the person you are with. This relationship is also passionate and dramatic, yet you and your partner are both learning about true love and make many mistakes along the way.

This connection teaches you that love doesn’t mean you live happily ever after. You may experience pain and heartbreak from the partner’s dishonesty or inconsistency. You may forgive and make up again and again until you give up on the relationship entirely. This love ends in tears and heartache but you become stronger. You learn about what makes a person worthy of your trust — and your heart.

The Third Love

The third love comes when you least expect it. Although you anticipate it, it comes from nowhere, and you may never see it coming.

You now know the true factors of love and trust, and this person is unlike the ones you’ve loved before. This person knows how to make you smile, the right words to say, supports your endeavours, and treasures the things you like most about yourself. You don’t need to act or put on an extravagant romantic display to win the love; yourself is enough, flaws and all.

You might have sworn never to date such a person before you met, but now that you have, you won’t change anything about this love. This romance is not what you imagined. It might not have the drama and passion of the first two loves, but this one is real. There’s no happily ever after, because you are happy being with the person everyday. (2)