Obesity is an issue that affects more and more people worldwide. In 2014 there were more than 1,9 billion obese overweight according to WHO. This is almost half of the adult world population. And what is even more alarming is that in 2014 there were 41 million obese children younger than 5.

Not every overweight person has the same type of obesity. This is why there is a need of a different approach for each type. The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study and it was concluded that there are 6 types of obesity. These types include: young, healthy women, heavy-drinking men, anxious and unhappy middle-aged men and women, affluent and healthy elderly, physically sick but happy elders, and poor people.Kết quả hình ảnh cho Lower-body obesity with fat in the lower legs

Knowing your obesity type can help you a lot during the weight loss process and will provide much better success rate. Heavy-drinking men don’t have the same issues that are causing their obesity such as anxious middle-aged women do.

According to Positive Med you can divide obesity based in fat distribution. There are four areas where fat is distributed. Read more about them so that you can find out how to get rid of the accumulated fat:

  • Upper body obesity

This type of obesity is a sign that you consume too much food and that you need to follow a healthy diet and also exercise regularly. According to a 2008 study conducted by the Mayo Clinic this type of obesity increases your risk of sleep apnea, hypertension and even type 2diabetes.

  • Swollen stomachKết quả hình ảnh cho Swollen stomach

A swollen stomach is usually caused by excess alcohol consumption. In order to get rid of the fat you should reduce alcohol consumption to a minimum and start a healthy diet and also exercise regularly.

  • Lower abdominal fat

This type of fat usually indicated depression and anxiety. In order to remove it you should try stress-relief methods and physical exercise.

  • Protruding stomach and upper back fatKết quả hình ảnh cho Protruding stomach and upper back fat

The main culprit of this type of fat is a sedentary lifestyle. In case you have it you should exercise regularly and try to move as much as you can. You should also pay attention to your blood sugar levels and try to keep them balanced by practicing a diet that allows a small snack during the day instead of eating large meals.

ACE fitness claims that 30-60 minutes of exercise are what it takes to get rid of all four obesity types. You should practice moderate-intensity aerobic exercise five days a week. These include cycling, swimming, hiking and jogging. Also, it is important to strengthen your core by practicing full circuit resistance training. These exercises improve the back support and will help you improve your posture by strengthening the back muscles.

  • Lower body obesity

This type of obesity is more common in women. It can be reduced by cardiovascular exercises and resistance training.

  • Lower-body obesity with fat in the lower legsKết quả hình ảnh cho Lower-body obesity with fat in the lower legs

Pregnant women are most commonly the ones with this type of obesity. In case you have it you should consult your doctor for assistance.

If you have fat accumulated in the lower body that means your body is the pear shape. ACE fitness recommends practicing exercises for hips, buttock and thighs, total-body resistance training and high-intensity interval training because they will improve your heart’s health, burn more calories and the accumulated lower body fat.

No matter where the unwanted fat is accumulated on your body the best way to get rid of it is exercise and proper diet. It is very important to act before it is too late because obesity can have detrimental effects on your overall health.

Note: Before trying any home remedies and doing changes in your diet always consult your doctor first for advice.

Source: dailyhealthgen